How Caring Affects Others…

I received my ACE band one day from my English teacher.
Ever since the keys to unlock the closets for homeroom had been given out to the teachers, I have been the student who (to this day) has taken care of the closet of my homeroom, making sure to lock it and unlock at the appropriate, designated times.
One day, I was locking up the closets after checkout until my teacher came up to me with the band in his hand and told me “Thank you so much for always taking good care of the closets. I think you deserve this” and hands over the band to me.
Note, the fact that the band was passed on to me from a teacher wasn’t what caused to me to feel happy ; it was the fact that my teacher’s gratitude was reflected by my generosity.
And with that being said, I am thankful that the ACE movement has really started to open up to other individuals, encouraging them to do what’s best in terms of helping their community and fellow peers, something that I continue to strive in placing my efforts in (: