Chivalry Lives On

One morning I was coming in to the school building to start my day, bags in hand, coffee in hand, and boxes of treats for my Advisory students. Needless to say, I was struggling. Struggling with my load as well as with humans’ ability to disregard the needs of others. Perhaps it is intentional, a learned habit to preserve one’s own time and energy, or maybe it is what they have been taught to do – “Mind your own business.” Similarly, I am intrigued by the human’s ability to do the opposite – to be aware and simultaneously care. And so on this particular morning, one of my students saw me struggling with my load and came to my aid. He asked if I needed help, grabbed one of the boxes that almost toppled just in time for me to put my things down before everything hit the floor. I thanked him repeatedly and asked for his name. I said, “You know what? You deserve this,” and handed him my ACE Movement band. He was surprised, thanked me in return, and now, kindness lives on just a little bit more. #ACEMovement -Ms. Williams