Appreciation Letter

Mr. Point Du Jour is one of the security officers in Thomas Edison. Along with doing his job, Mr. Point Du Jour interacts with the students of Edison and faculty members. He is very inspirational and motivating! He is always there to help and give advice and positive feedback that makes one want to keep pushing and thrive for more. Mr. Point Du Jour goes out of his way to make sure Edison students are safe and feel as if they’re at home. I wrote an appreciation letter for Mr. Point Du Jour because he helped me tremendously with my view on life and my problems. He always noticed when I was having a bad day. It is hard to have people like him nowadays, who actually care and will help. I really appreciated all he did for me, making me feel like there was always someone there for me and guiding me to make the right decisions. I wrote the appreciation letter for all his kind deeds because I didn’t want them to go by unnoticed and taken for granted. I got 150 signatures with the help of Edison students to support my letter. I submitted the letter to Mr. Ojeda and he said it was very kind of me to do this. Mr. Ojeda later wrote a letter to Mr. Point Du Jour that Mr. Point Du Jour brought into my 4th period class. He wanted me to come read it to the whole class. In the letter, Mr. Ojeda quoted some of my words and expressed his feelings towards Mr. Point Du Jour for all he does. After I was done reading the letter, I looked at Mr. Point Du Jour who was in tears and smiling jubilantly. His reaction enlightened me, seeing him that happy and on the verge of tears made me feel a way that I can’t describe! It meant everything to me knowing that I was able to impact his life and make him happy, since he always did that for me. That day I realized that your actions and voice can make a change and affect someone now matter your age and how big or small the change may be. I didn’t expect anything from writing the letter other than Mr. Point Du Jour’s valuable reaction. However, a few days later, a girl who is a senior came into my fourth period shop class and handed something to Dr. Savitzky. She said “It’s for Sukhpreet, for a letter she wrote.” Dr. Savitzky handed me an ACE wristband and smiled. I never thought I would’ve gotten an ACE band for the letter I wrote, but kindness sure does find a way back to you! This was a memorable experience for me and I’m sure for Mr. Point Du Jour as well because it impacted both of us greatly. Once again, I would like to thank Mr. Point Du Jour for all he does and for always being there for everyone, along with ACE for noticing different things people do in Edison.