Lending A Helping Hand

I volunteer during my lunch period to help out the big-hearted and hardworking guidance counselors. Ms.Williams passed on the ACE Band to me in reward for my efforts in accomplishing a task for her. The task was to put ACE bands in each of the teachers mailboxes. At first, I heartily accepted her task but little did I know the immense number of mailboxes there were. I took the ACE band, and sheet that went along with it, and inserted them into the mailboxes. I reached halfway through the first row and then realized how much of an exhausting task this was. However, the thought of the smile I’d bring to Ms.Williams face was enough to make any obstacle that came my way look puny. The bell rang, but I didn’t complete my task. I returned to Ms.Williams with my almost empty bag holding the ACE bands. I dragged my way over to Ms.Williams office ,expecting a sign of disapproval, however Ms.Williams smiled at me and gave to me what seemed like an admirable and applauding expression. Then, Ms.Williams gave me her ACE Band and commended me on my commitment to help her. I felt honored and humble to receive the ACE Band and hope to pass this “torch” of righteousness to someone deserving.