Being helpful

I appreciated my AP calculus teacher for rewarding us by giving 100 points for taking the AP calculus test.

Just a Charm

I am always in Mrs. Jacksons room during my lunch period because I have been having downs and I just hang out there. Now it’s a daily routine. We both absolutely love pandora charms and I decided to clean her bracelet with the Pandora chemical cloth I had. Mrs. Jackson was very happy at her shiny charms. I guess what you do doesn’t matter. What matters is that you made a person happy and smile. 🙂

Help Everyone In Need

About 2-3 weeks ago I went to Central Park. And I had an encounter with a Buddhist priest promoting Buddhism and asking for donations for a Buddhist temple to be built. The priest stopped me and asked me to help him out and I immediately said that I didn’t have change. I said that because I was busy and wanted to avoid any kind of distraction. The person then said that he has change and still urged me to help him out. And then he said something about being hungry. Then I came to the realization that I always see this person at Central Park, and he works really hard. He does not even get to sit and rest. I was amazed by his dedication to his job, and to appreciate his hard work I gave him all the money I had, which was only a 5 dollar bill. And he seemed pretty happy about it. Even though I gave him a small amount, he gave me a wristband in return. I treasured the wristband in my keepsake box. In ace club, we are taught to help everyone despite of one’s flaws, culture, religion and appearance. We are taught to be united and open minded. And I am glad to be a part of it.

Helping with College

I helped my friend with their Common Application and research with a college best fit for them. They were very stressed about all the applications and I helped them to clarify a few things.


I had received the band on a different occurrence but I was thankful that a girl had told me I had dropped my wallet. I didn’t even realize I had my band on and I forgot to give it to her. I’m on a mission to find her tomorrow lol.

Thoughtfulness is Appreciated

A senior student had come into my office with SAT study guides. She told me the books were very helpful in preparing for the SAT. She asked that I pass along the guides to a student who will find the books useful and who is in financial need. I told the student that donating the books is kind, generous and thoughtful of her. Her act of kindness did not go unnoticed which is why I gave her my wristband.


I got this ACE Band by helping others and being kind to my other fellow classmates that are in our nice school Thomas A. Edison High School. Say thanks to anyone. If they do something for you please say thanks. Be kind. Either someone opens the door, or says bless you to you when you sneeze. Remember that no one has to or got time to be kind, thats why we have the word to say thank you. be kind again all i can say is be kind. The definition of kind is character; nature. If you are going to be kind with someone just to let you know they are going to view you in a different way.