I received my ACE band by Mr. Ojeda. I was going through a heartbreak recently and I started to break down during class. Mr. Ojeda gave me a talk about my situation, which really helped me with my issue. I then decided to write him a thank you letter telling them that he impacted me with his kind words and led me to rethink who I was. He then called me down and gave me the ACE band because my letter also impacted him and made him feel great; he realized that his words of encouragement actually impacted the life of one of his students.

Natural Courtesy

I received my band from one of my teachers. I was given the band the day after I did my act of kindness. On Thursday, the day after the Hamilton Trip I participated in, my teacher in the beginning of class said she had an announcement. She said that a student’s kindness has finally gotten her attention . She said that she decided to give me the band for being constantly courteous and for being a nice person in general. She said that I am always being polite and showing little acts of kindness on a daily basis. What made her finally decide to give me the ACE band was what I did on the train ride to Hamilton. While my fellow classmates and I were on a crowded train ride on our way to the city, we arrived to a stop where a significant amount of people got up to leave the train. Since I was standing, people expected me to take the seat that opened up next to me. I did not, however. Almost instinctively, i began to offer the open seat to the other girls and teachers on the train. I’ve always felt that I should give a seat to others before I sit myself, so I didn’t really think about it at the time. My teacher said that those acts of kindness really show a persons true colors especially since I didn’t even think twice about what I was doing. She said I deserved the band for being a consistently nice person doing random acts of kindness on a daily basis.

I Love to Help!

I really enjoy helping Ms. Claire Perez and Ms. Laura Esses every day during service. Sometimes I take mail from the teacher to send home to parents. Other times I do my school work. I always ask if they need any help with anything. I really enjoy helping other people.