Found cellphone

I had math during 7th period. When I enter the classroom I am usually the first to enter. I went to my seat and when I happened to look on the floor two seats ahead of me, I saw a Samsung Galaxy phone! I took it to one of the teachers and they gave me the ACE band.


During my 3rd and 4th period shop class we were assigned a task to complete the day before. I finished my project the day before and noticed some friends still behind on it. Since they did not know what to do and I had some spare time I helped them complete the project before class was over. My teacher noticed and gave me the wristband.

Dropped Wallet

I was walking out of school one Friday. Of course everyone was hyper and jumping, all excited for the weekend. I was walking behind a group of students going to down the hill towards the bus stop and as the boy was jumping and laughing at something his wallet fell out of his back pocket. The boy had headphones in his ears so when i screamed to let him know his wallet dropped, he didn’t look back. So i ran up and tapped his shoulder and returned his wallet, and I received the greatest award in the universe, an ACE Band.