Common sense

While in English class we were packing during announcements. My friend dropped her books. The the obvious thing to do was to pick them up rather than watch her struggle and have to walk around to the other side of the row.

Have an IMPACT… Be Generous

One of my old best friends (we currently don’t talk anymore) dropped his wallet in the auditorium during 8th period and he left the school. One of the teachers found it and said how he dropped it. I said if possible I can give it to him during 2nd period since I see him in the morning. So I offered to help return his wallet and this student, who already had a wristband, passed his band onto me because he thought I was kind enough to do that even though we don’t talk much anymore.

Kind words

My friends were arguing with the teacher about a girl in my class and he said she is a very nice person and I also said that her design was beautiful so I received the band.


A girl came into the spark room crying. Knowing that student break down due to stress often, i didn’t say anything to her. She later came out of the bathroom and decided to stay in the room while we were doing an activity and i told her to sit with us and tried my best to make her feel welcome. She was very bubbly and sweet so it was easy to get her mind off of whatever was making her upset. It just goes to show that sometimes people just need some sunshine in their life.

Lending A Helping Hand

I volunteer during my lunch period to help out the big-hearted and hardworking guidance counselors. Ms.Williams passed on the ACE Band to me in reward for my efforts in accomplishing a task for her. The task was to put ACE bands in each of the teachers mailboxes. At first, I heartily accepted her task but little did I know the immense number of mailboxes there were. I took the ACE band, and sheet that went along with it, and inserted them into the mailboxes. I reached halfway through the first row and then realized how much of an exhausting task this was. However, the thought of the smile I’d bring to Ms.Williams face was enough to make any obstacle that came my way look puny. The bell rang, but I didn’t complete my task. I returned to Ms.Williams with my almost empty bag holding the ACE bands. I dragged my way over to Ms.Williams office ,expecting a sign of disapproval, however Ms.Williams smiled at me and gave to me what seemed like an admirable and applauding expression. Then, Ms.Williams gave me her ACE Band and commended me on my commitment to help her. I felt honored and humble to receive the ACE Band and hope to pass this “torch” of righteousness to someone deserving.

A Good Friend

I gave my band to a young man who came into class, saw the girl next to him had her head down, and went up to her immediately and asked if she was okay. It was such a naturally kind gesture and showed the true character of this young man.

How Caring Affects Others…

I received my ACE band one day from my English teacher.
Ever since the keys to unlock the closets for homeroom had been given out to the teachers, I have been the student who (to this day) has taken care of the closet of my homeroom, making sure to lock it and unlock at the appropriate, designated times.
One day, I was locking up the closets after checkout until my teacher came up to me with the band in his hand and told me “Thank you so much for always taking good care of the closets. I think you deserve this” and hands over the band to me.
Note, the fact that the band was passed on to me from a teacher wasn’t what caused to me to feel happy ; it was the fact that my teacher’s gratitude was reflected by my generosity.
And with that being said, I am thankful that the ACE movement has really started to open up to other individuals, encouraging them to do what’s best in terms of helping their community and fellow peers, something that I continue to strive in placing my efforts in (: