Helping out those in need

I was called along with two other students to assist a teacher set up a computer in her office. We all went and helped her out. She wanted us to set up the computer in a certain location and to make sure it functioned properly. We helped her out in any way we could and ultimately finished the job! She was very happy and gave us ACE bands for helping her out. She said we helped her out a bunch.

Kindness has no age!

I got my ACE band by helping a student enroll in my class late in the semester. He had been asking me for a while, and after lots of back and forth with guidance, we were able to get him into the class. He gave me his band because he considered a teacher helping him out to be a kind gesture.
Kindness has no age! Respect goes both ways!

Helping Out

I got my ACE in my math class. I would always help someone who didn’t understand what was been taught without being asked.


Distributed by school to me. I gave my band to a student that stopped in the gym and faced the American Flag during the pledge of allegiance. I find that all too often these days people forget what our country’s flag represents and do not give the acknowledgement and respect that it deserves. In these times of world crises, its even more important for us to stand together and support our freedom that hard working men and women died and die for every day to keep us safe.

Helping my peer

In class, I help my classmate do his Earth Science Homework and I felt very good. It feels good to help others because that can happen to you also.

Caring for others

When one takes the time to think of another and puts forth the effort to help someone seek the help that they themselves can not it must be recognized. This individual took it upon themselves to make sure that a fellow classmate would obtain the support that the individual needed to confront their inner thoughts. The individual showed courage in informing an adult and compassion by keeping everything to themselves. Thank you for caring.

Just a Charm

I am always in Mrs. Jacksons room during my lunch period because I have been having downs and I just hang out there. Now it’s a daily routine. We both absolutely love pandora charms and I decided to clean her bracelet with the Pandora chemical cloth I had. Mrs. Jackson was very happy at her shiny charms. I guess what you do doesn’t matter. What matters is that you made a person happy and smile. 🙂

Chivalry Lives On

One morning I was coming in to the school building to start my day, bags in hand, coffee in hand, and boxes of treats for my Advisory students. Needless to say, I was struggling. Struggling with my load as well as with humans’ ability to disregard the needs of others. Perhaps it is intentional, a learned habit to preserve one’s own time and energy, or maybe it is what they have been taught to do – “Mind your own business.” Similarly, I am intrigued by the human’s ability to do the opposite – to be aware and simultaneously care. And so on this particular morning, one of my students saw me struggling with my load and came to my aid. He asked if I needed help, grabbed one of the boxes that almost toppled just in time for me to put my things down before everything hit the floor. I thanked him repeatedly and asked for his name. I said, “You know what? You deserve this,” and handed him my ACE Movement band. He was surprised, thanked me in return, and now, kindness lives on just a little bit more. #ACEMovement -Ms. Williams

Helping A Fellow Student

One of my students was using crutches for a few weeks, and I had been opening the door for him to leave the room. One day (without my prompting), the student who I gave the band to opened the door for the student who was using crutches. He was very proud to have received the band for helping.