You are worth it.

My guidance consuelor was the one who gave me the Ace band. A young and amazing female that I know wanted to end her life. Thousands of teenagers are falling into teenage suicide, drugs and alcohol. Together we can come together to prevent this. It all starts with one act that can make a difference. Be kind. Help others. Together we can change the world and have an ongoing chain reaction.

Apologize to Heavey

On a pretty bad day I walked into class with a bad attitude and a lot of stress on my shoulder.. I was really snippy and out of line with my teacher, being forced to leave my US History class and go to the deans. I realized what I had done was wrong so I made it a mission to apologize to my teacher and lose the reputation of being a troubled student. After the apology I went on to being really cool with my teacher and doing small tasks like erasing the board and locking up the closet. For these reasons my teacher thought I deserved the Be Kind bracelet.